Exclusive:Not All Artistes Are Musicians | This Is Why

Most of us have been blind folded about who really an artiste is and who a musician is as well. Today, I will be taking you through this exercise for you to know the right difference and know most of your favorite acts are just artistes and not musicians.

An artiste is a skilled public performer or enternainer, especially a singer or a dancer whilst a musician is a person who plays a musicial instrument and is musically talented OR anyone who composes, conducts or performs music.

Anyone who can perform in public or entertain others publicly can be termed an artiste but for an individual to be termed as a musician, the person should be a able to compose, conduct and perform music. Let’s come down to our music industries in Africa here, most of the artistes especially singers don’t even write their songs themselves, some don’t know the music keys and notes, they only thing they know better is to go on stage to perform the song. (and they will be like “raise your hands- say yeeyy yeeyy- to the left, to the right) Seriously?.

Artiste can be a joker, actor, etc. The fact that he or she can entertain publicly, he will fall under that category. So then, a musician we all know can perform publicly, this makes him an artiste too, but not every artiste is a musician. Some are just performers. Examples of artistes in africa who are not musicians are Mc Galaxy (Gogo Gaga hit maker) Dj Exclusive (Eme), Funny Face (Ghana),Dj Neptune.

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