5 Differences Between Ghana’s King Sark And Naija’s Olamide You Need To Know


King Sark/Olamide

We wouldn’t talk about awards they have both won because that can be really deceiving. If we using that to judge then a rapper likeC-Zar from Ghana can also be called a best rapper because he has trophies in his sector as well.(but that dude whack as hell).Back to our topic, On the difference, let’s check this out

1. Punchlines and Methaphor display:

Punchline is mostly a part of a bar (rap line) that makes everyone laugh or delivers the humor whilst methaphor is the comparison of two figures or objects in a literally manner. Talk of punchlines, sarkodie has it. He is that type of rapper who spits and you go like “wow, did he say that??”. He will just make you laugh. But when it comes to methaphors, am sorry, he can never compete with Olamide on that. Olamide’s methaphors are overwhelming, you listen to his bars and you will be like “Damn! no! You didn’t just say that!”. That guy knows how to use methaphors more than Sark but for punchlines Sarkodie is forcing.

2. Number of Albums:


You can’t just have an album and claim you dey rap pass everybody. These two rap acts got albums! (I mean the word “album” with an “s”) On the record, Sarkodie broke into the music scene in 2008 and he has since that time 4 albums. Olamide on the other hand came through in 2011 and he has to his credits 5 albums. If you thinking the number of albums ain’t part of you being great, go check how many albums Jay-Z and Eminem got .

3. Influence:

Sarkodie1Quickly on this, if you have been following African music for a long time, you will know the influence musicians have on the youth. Recently, Pappy Kojo and Joey B (Ghanaian musicians) have influenced the way youth in Ghana dress. Their brand is soo influencial it makes you believe you ain’t on the right path if you don’t dress like how they do. Come back to Sarkodie and Olamide, who is more influencial? Ghanaians see Sark as a god! No doubt. The youth follows everything he says, dance the way he dances, and even 80% of upcoming artistes uses his style of rap in theirs also.

Olamide on the other hand has competition in his sector since there are alot of Naija artistes influencial as well. Even his labelmate Lil Kesh has been influencial with his shoki dance, Wizkid and M.I are also there, but Olamide is really trying his best. Talk of the “bobo” dance and the “sneh” accent. He has also influenced many up and coming artistes to rap in their mother tongue even though the late DaGrin did his part.(May his soul rest in peace)

4. Justaposing of words:


If you know rap, you will know what this means. Constructing of bars or rap lines is only done by very creative people, so then how you put words side by side will tell us (music critics) whether you are really creative or not. On this, both artistes are genius in that. Sarkodie can switch flows many times in a 16 bars verse whilst Olamide can do same too. Their choices of words and how they arrange them is so on point.

5. Song writing skills:

Olamide1Now, my favorite part. From the look of things, anytime Sarkodie features a singer on his record, the hook the singer does sound so much like the singer’s already made songs. This clearly shows Sark didn’t write the hooks. Recently Sarkodie said in an interview that 95% of his just released album was written by singer Akwaboah. (seriously?? are you Dr.Dre who doesn’t write anything?) That is none of my business though. Talk of Olamide, he hardly features singers on his songs, he sings and rap everything you hear on most of his songs. You can’t convince me somebody writes for him. (D’banj’s producer claimed he has been stealing Koko Master’s songs though). But in the nut shell, Olamide writes songs very well as compared to King Sark!
So there you have it, judge for yourself who is really the king of Indigineous rap in Africa.

NB: If you think I left anything out you can comment below.

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  1. Lol!
    I just don’t see this a comparison or difference as you captioned it. You had an agenda and you pursued it rightfully. On your various criterion on comparison, you just touch on a side and develop it well whiles one side has apparently nothing.
    On metaphor, lol! you make me shake my kidney. Did you say Olamade got and construct metaphor other than sark? I beg, that is misleading. It would only be fair if you had left judgement on that. Sark is just a Hell with respect to Metaphor. For your info; metaphor and punchlines correlate, and that who ever has got punchlines, got metaphor.
    Influencial! Damn! you can’t just call at spade a big spoon. You can’t tell me you are influential than my person. Sark’s influence on the African continent is just incompressible. You just can’t hide it.
    And for awards, why is Messi always on top of Ronaldo if not baron dor? Why don’t we hail Bofoakwa Tano fc other than Asante kotoko FC? If not for awards, on what grounds do we measure one’s achievement?
    So if you had won the blogger of the year, wouldn’t you boast of being the beast blogger?
    If awards is just nothing for comparison, then number of albums has no portion with respect to comparison.
    KingSark pass the level of Olamade. You can swallow your PC if you cant comprehend.
    No had feelings tho.

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